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Simple Days Yoga Collection

We are delighted to introduce our Scandinavian designed Simple Days Yoga Collection from their stunning Yoga and Ayurveda Studio in Denmark.

All products are lovingly handmade from 100% natural materials with soft, tactile surfaces perfect for your yoga practice and beautiful enough to keep on show.

Ivory Yoga Belt

200cm x 4cm | Cotton

Cork Yoga Mat

173cm x 60cm | Cork + Rubber | Easy Clean + Easy Roll

Natural Cotton Blanket

150cm x 200cm | 100% Cotton | Perfect for yoga practice

Cork Yoga Block 

22.7cm x 12cm x 7.5cm high | With logo | Perfect for that extra support

Ivory Meditation Bolster

40cm x 20cm x 8cm | 100% Cotton with Buckwheat Filling | Machine Washable Cover | Carry Handle

Large Ivory Bolster

62cm x 23cm diameter | 100% Cotton with Buckwheat Filling | Machine Washable Cover | Carry Handle

Ivory Yoga Eye Pillow

25cm x 10cm | 100% Cotton with Flaxseed Filling | Machine Washable Cover

From the Simple Days Studio ..

'A place where mental and physical health are keywords.
Where there is attention to the balance in our everyday lives.
It's so easy to do too much, too little or do it wrong. Balance is essential for our well-being and our self-perception..'



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