Bamboo Furniture

And how to care for it

Our Bamboo Collection is created by our lovely partners at Tine K Home in Denmark, where bamboo has been a core part of their collection from the very beginning of their story 18 years ago. Handcrafted in Vietnam, these beautiful Bamboo pieces are now found in Iconic Hotels, Villas and Landmark Restaurants all around the world.  The Bamboo Collection is hand-crafted in family owned workshops located in the Saigon region.

Bamboo is sustainably produced and grown. As it is the fastest growing plant in the world it reproduces a large amount of CO2 and when cut it regrows quickly. In that way bamboo is a great alternative to the slower growing and resource-demanding hard woods. Additionally, bamboo does not require any type of pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides to grow and reproduce effectively.  In short bamboo is not a sacred resource and it is able to survive and multiply seamlessly. The bamboo poles used in the production of our pieces need from just 60 days to 4 years to fully grow. 

Bamboo Furniture

Care for your Bamboo

Bamboo, like any other natural material, requires care to stay beautiful and last. Here are a few tips to ensure longevity of your new furniture piece: 

We include a complementary cover on all ranges with the exception of the Modular Range, so please do use it. Even though your bamboo piece is treated with Woca® water-based natural exterior wood oils, mould may occur due to our infamous UK weather conditions and it may be necessary to pressure wash your furniture once each season. This is by far the easiest way to remove any black spots or marks. Alternatively, hand wash with a mild detergent and a sponge. (Tip - We use Flash with Bleach on our pieces in the cafe).  After a full seasonal clean, and when the furniture is all dry, we recommend that you reapply Woca ® water based natural exterior wood oil.  

Please store your bamboo furniture in a dry and ventilated spot for the winter season.  

Note - if you are using your bamboo furniture indoors, avoid any sudden changes in temperature.  If you put a brand new piece or one that has been outside in a very warm centrally heated space you will see some natural splits occur in the poles as the wood dries out and heats up. This will not affect the stability of your piece.