Love Warriors

This wonderful brand has long been a favourite of ours and we are delighted to introduce their unique and inspiring products to you in the UK. Love Warriors are a tribe of treasure-hunters travelling the world to find unique items and hidden gems. In our collection here you will find some beautiful pieces for display, some stunning wall art along with unusual hand crafted jewellery. 

We welcome you to come treasure hunting in the Love Warrior universe.

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Raven's Ladder Tyvek Print
Set of 6 Brass Art Clips
Poppy Bohemian Print
Balance Art Print
Vintage Knob Hanger
Love Warriors 'Her' Art Print
Sky Circles Tyvek Print
Sky Circles Art Print
Handmade Nori Shell Row Bracelet
Dogma Tyvek Print
Dogma Art Print
Balinese Love Warrior Art Print
Wild Child Art Print