Handmade Rousillion Vessel | Papier Mache | Abigail Ahern | Design– Design Vintage

Handmade Roussillion Vessel

We are super excited to add this incredible piece from Abigail Ahern to our latest collection. The Handmade Roussillion Vessel is imbued with life, the irregularities and the dimples of each and every piece impart the traces of the hands that crafted them. Seen here with our Honey Bracelet Haze available here, these stunning large vessels are equally beautiful as stand-alone sculptural pieces.

Generously sized, the Roussillion is great for a larger floor plant or to create a display for a big table or sideboard.

Materials: Papier-mâché 

Dimensions: L50 x W50 x H45 cm

Not intended to hold water 

Due to the handmade nature of this vessel, each is truly unique and variations in shape, texture, colour may occur.  

Standard Delivery £5.95


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