Belgian Flax Linen Towels

The Belgian Flax Linen Towels are a beautiful addition to our collection from renowned Belgian weavers Libeco.  More than just a towel, these pieces were originally conceived as beach towels, but are in fact extremely versatile products. When thrown over furniture, they can change the look of a room in seconds! The Belgian Towel also makes a perfect table runner or elegant wrap.

100% Washed Linen

Choose between two sizes

Sheet 110cm x 180cm

Guest 55cm x 65cm

We are delighted to introduce a range from Libeco this season.  They are one of the largest weaving mills in Europe, famous for their traditional methods and highest standards.  One of only 6 weavers around the world who may carry the Belgian Linen Quality Label which is a guarantee of quality, traceability and authenticity.  Browse our entire collection and find out more here.

Standard Delivery £5.95


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