Accoya Outdoor Round Table

The beautiful Accoya Outdoor Round Table is available in matt black or its natural light pine wood colour. The simplicity of Scandinavian design allows the table easy integration into a living space indoors or out. The Round Table is part of a Tine K Home range that is created with an Accoya treatment which is sustainable, certified and Eco friendly.

Accoya is a treatment of wood, which changes the technical properties and structure of wood, making it virtually impregnable. Water, rot and fungi can therefore, not penetrate the surface. These changes provide a type of wood, which is much more durable, while at the same time, requires much less maintenance and additional protection.The technological process behind Accoya treated wood, leaves the wood intact, without losing the beautiful features of natural wood in the process unlike other wood treatment methods. The chemicals used are 100% natural, and already exists within wood. 

These pieces of furniture are a stunning, versatile addition to a dining space and are a great choice for sustainable qualities

Dimensions Height 75cm x Diameter 140cm

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

Large Furniture Courier Delivery £45


Matt Black
Natural Light Pine
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