Novinne Clay Vase | Design Vintage | Handmade Concrete Vase

Novinne Clay Vase

The Novinne Clay Vase is a classic design full of character and texture and made entirely by hand.  There is a rawness to the surface and no two pieces will be identical.  These are large, stunning display vases which are beautiful as they are, or with some of our dried flowers or grasses.

First, the clay is shaped by hand, then fired at high temperatures in the ceramic kiln. The clay is then quickly cooled down again ready for the skilled artisans to hand paint the pots.

The Novinne Clay Vase is 100% handmade with love.

34cm diameter x 39cm high | 12kg

Seen here with our medium Anna Clay Vase.

Delivery Large Parcel £15


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