The idea of Nkuku came from a year out from working life, travelling mainly through Africa and India. They wanted to find a way to promote and develop the traditional skills of the artisans they met along the way, whilst building a sustainable business for themselves, and in the process improve the challenging living standards and restricted opportunities that many artisans endured. The name 'Nkuku' was borrowed from a village in Zambia where they saw it whitewashed on a hut and the business plan jotted down in the back of a paper back. Nkuku is socially responsible and built on the principles of fair trade and equal opportunity.

Nkuku products are both beautiful and eco friendly. Gorgeous homewares and gifts which are always fair traded.

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Set of 4 Karala Champagne Glasses
Brass Storage Rail
From £55.00 - £75.00
Set of Brass S-Hooks
Recycled Sepia Glass Candlesticks
Recycled Clear Glass Candlesticks
Set of Emerald Wine Glasses
Set of Hammered Wine Glasses
Set of 2 Brass Hooks
Linen Bench Cushion
Linen Floor Cushion
Acacia Wood Salad Servers
Mango Pizza Boards
From £28.00 - £55.00
Aged Brass Storage Stand
Aged Brass Basket Bowls
From £19.50 - £39.50
Aged Brass Storage Baskets
From £34.00 - £45.00
Aged Brass Dish Rack
Ambi Tall Wooden Stool
Ambi Short Wooden Stool
Vintage Portrait Mirror
From £40.00 - £80.00
Boxed Set of Champagne Glasses
Ella Wall Light
Set of Hammered Glass Tumblers
Mahina Recycled Rug
From £180.00 - £295.00
Black and Brass Spot Lights
Talini Brass Wreath
Mango Seat Industrial Stool
From £125.00 - £150.00
Noko Seagrass Baskets
From £30.00 - £50.00
Dome Natural Wicker Pendant
From £150.00 - £195.00
Set of Edha Serving Boards
Vintage Shaped Wall Mirror
Vintage Style Wall Mirror
From £40.00 - £80.00
Set of Iron S-Hooks
From £20.00 - £28.00
Iron Hook Rail
From £25.00 - £36.00
Industrial Storage Rail
From £55.00 - £74.00
Antique Brass & Glass Box
From £28.00 - £34.00
Reclaimed Storage Pots