A stylish range of unusual and beautiful furniture and accessories designed in Denmark with a typical Scandinavian flair. Hubsch believe that our homes must be practical but that the practical needs are mixed with spaciousness, creativity and light. Products are of excellent quality and using materials like raw untreated oak, glass, antique brass and ceramics Hubsch suceed in wowing us every season with a unique collection of items.

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Set of Rona Ceramic Bowls
Black Mesh Cabinet
Grey Ceramic Planters
From £24.00 - £34.00
Grey Pot And Saucer
From £18.00 - £22.00
Black Fibrestone Plant Pots
From £55.00 - £95.00
Single Door Iron Mesh Cabinet
Double Door Iron Mesh Cabinet
Set of Grey Felt Baskets
Jute Round Rug
Linear Storage Shelf
Set of White Raised Planters
Single Metal Shelf in White
Black Pot and Saucer
From £18.00 - £22.00
Set of Two Black Raised Planters