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The unique Bloomingville style is a mixture of raw products with a Scandinavian twist and reproductions of fantastic pieces from times past. We are delighted to be a Bloomingville Stockist in the UK and have a wide range of gorgeous Bloomingville products including stunning home accessories and beautiful Nordic furniture.

We love the simplicity and authenticity of this brand and the use of quality, natural materials in their handmade products.

If the piece of Bloomingville furniture you are looking for isn't here do get in touch as we should be able to order for you.

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Round Seagrass Wall Hanging
Hanging Jute Shelving
Cruz Cotton Hammock
Bloomingville Mag Bag
Children's Bunny Basket
Children's Giraffe Basket
Ebrar Cotton Cushion
Dotty Water Hyacinth Baskets
From £64.00 - £88.00
Alfie Wall Cabinet
Nigo Terracotta Vase
Berican Nordic Vase
Niza Hand Painted Vase
Set of 4 Florie Glasses
Set of 4 Florie Champagne Glasses
Set of 4 Florie Bowls
Meral Black Terracotta Dish
Selvi XL Rattan Lampshade
Matheo Table Lamp
Rod Natural Hanging Shelf
Hassi Stoneware Vase
Eike Black Jar
Eliot Candlestick
Handmade Double Candlestick
Sidsel Stoneware Statue
Ebell Cotton Cushion
Elora Stoneware Vase
Elice Stoneware Vase
Mongolian Lambskin Cushion
Circles Black Terracotta Pot
Circles White Terracotta Pot
Set of Foliage Stems
Handmade Character Pot
Grid Iron Side Table
Acacia Wood Grater
Round Black Acacia Board
Black Acacia Board
From £45.00 - £65.00