Original Hungarian Vintage Furniture

Lisa Brass

Posted on September 27 2016

Original Hungarian Vintage Furniture

I often get asked about the origins of our Hungarian Furniture and our relationship with our lovely suppliers.  We have been lucky enough to be working with the same family in Hungary now for some years.  A traditional operation, they source our pieces from local village stores, pharmacy's, homes and event convents in mainly rural areas.  The majority date back to the late 1800's and early 1900's up to the 1930's.  During this period this style of furniture was very common - every village had a village shop and every shop would be fitted out with wooden cabinets.  In later years these would be replaced with modern shop fit outs so there is a good supply of these original pieces to be found.  Employing only expert craftsmen and using traditional methods the family business restores each piece lovingly for us including painting to our specification.  We think the results are beautiful and quite unique.


These units always have a beautifully panelled back so make perfect Island Units for a Kitchen as well as Sideboards, Dressers etc. We often source particular sizes for clients so if you have a specific requirement or can't see what you are looking for on the website do get in touch and we can usually help.

In addition to the Vintage Counters our Hungarian Vitrines have become our bestselling item and deservedly so!  Again these are carefully restored with the original door panels being replaced with glass to create stunning cupboards which are used everywhere from Kitchens to playrooms and even bathrooms.  Our most popular colour is a dark Charcoal Grey (our creation) which is perfectly on trend at the moment but we also supply them in white or pale grey, always with a natural lightly distressed finish.


We finish our collection with original Settle Benches, Drawers and smaller Wooden Cabinets all in similar paint finishes and again we are able to source a variety of sizes and shapes so it is always worth letting us know how we can help. Deliveries are usually arriving twice a month and my advice would be to keep an eye on the website here for new arrivals as they do tend to move fast! We deliver all over the Uk usually within a week and have also sent pieces all over Europe.


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