New Wallpaper Collection

Lisa Brass

Posted on February 04 2017

New Wallpaper Collection

One of the best things about this job is the buzz of coming across a product or collection which really stands out from the crowd and our new Wallpaper Collection definitely fits the bill.  With over 100 designs to lust after it must surely have something for every taste! Uniquely it comes from Transylvania and is the work of design studio 'Mind The Gap'.

Now, living as I do in an all-white space, I have yet to be converted to wallpaper at home but this has got me taping up samples in almost every room!  I'm a huge fan of all things Botanical and I think some of these designs have completely nailed that with a particular eye on the predominant trend for dark and moody walls.


There are plenty of really quirky designs for Children's rooms as well - this Intergalactic print is a particular favourite!

The paper is supplied in sets of 3 rolls – each roll measures 52 cm wide by 300cm long so the set together covers approx 4.65m2. The wallpaper is hung in the classic paste the wall method which is a lot easier and less messy than pasting the paper!

If you prefer to stick with a lighter colour palette there are plenty of more neutral shades to select and many of the designs are offered in three or four colourways.

You can order A4 samples directly from our website and we will shortly have a sample book of the entire collection in our Chichester store where I'd recommend a leisurely browse over a coffee and our homemade Ginger Cake! 

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