Queen Size Peacock Chair Queen Size Peacock Chair Queen Size Peacock Chair
Queen Size Peacock Chair

Queen Size Peacock Chair

The Queen Size Peacock Chair is in a classic, throne-like design and made in a beautiful woven pattern around a strong rattan frame. Made and left out in the sun to bleach from its yellow color to a lovely warm grey patina. This stunning chair has been bonded by hand which is a part of it's uniqueness. Designed by Love Warriors in Sweden. Complete with white cotton canvas seat cushion.

We love the individual stories behind every Love Warriors product..

'Peacock chair (aka the fan chair), with its flared back and intricately woven details, a throne-like, head-framing seat reserved for royals. In fact we so love this chair design, as it´s a steady tender and an obvious design classic in one, with faces from Stevie Nicks to Brigitte Bardot to prove it. And it doesn’t mean you have to rock a full boho style in order to find a spot for a peacock chair in your place. Think of peacocks as the quirky-cool little sister of more-traditional wood pieces. As a material pick up. With their show-off silhouettes and whimsical woven flourishes, they’re a bit more playful, but thanks to their natural gret colouring, you've got a bit of earthiness.'

This is a unique and stunning piece of furniture.

H160, W119, D98 Sun Bleached Rattan

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